About My Blog

My vision for this blog is to provide the inspiration, knowledge and motivation it takes for someone to follow their dreams. I’ll be sharing my journey towards entrepreneurship while sharing some of my other interests including veganism, healthy plant-based lifestyle, frugal and minimal living, my love of nature and my little family.

I believe that every human on this planet has enormous potential, but sometimes we lose our direction and are more than likely told by others to “get real”. “Only in my dreams!” How many times have you heard someone say that one? When they say that, they are absolutely correct. Their happiness is in their dreams, so why aren’t they following them?

In this blog I am going to be relaying a lot of what I learn while writing my own ideas and goals. I have a passion for breaking out of mediocre living and I invite you to come along with me! 😀

Even if you decide not to follow my blog, I’d love to leave you with a vital piece of information. If you want to succeed, you need to write down your goals every week if not every day. That is the secret to success. Write them down, think about them everyday and you will naturally move toward them. Set your ship with a destination because without one, it may end up on a deserted island.