Overlooking Beautiful Boise

We’ve lived in Boise Idaho for a few months now and we absolutely love it here! It’s so beautiful, safe and has nice weather. It is a little colder than we are used to, but not much and I like it colder. The summers don’t reach 100 degrees very often either which is a great!

Alan and I knew that we wanted to leave Nevada shortly after arriving. We made it a goal to get out within a year and we did just that! We moved to Nevada in August of 2015 and moved to Boise in July 2016. We’ve been accomplishing the goals that we set our mind to.
We wanted to move to Massachusetts in 2015 and we set out on a cross country road trip all the way to Massachusetts. It ended up not working out in the end, but at least we did it! That was the first time that I’ve ever been across the country!


Yesterday we went to our favorite spot out here. It’s called Hull’s Gulch and it overlooks the entire city. It’s such a beautiful view during the day and night! During the day we are able to see all of the colors, buildings and cars moving through the city whereas at night we can see millions of twinkling lights all around us.  It’s a magical view and I feel so grateful to be living here.


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